Interview with an expert - meet Lauren from Little Grey Cells Design

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1. Hi, please introduce yourself and your business.
Hello, I’m Lauren Devere, I’m one half of Little Grey Cells Design, which I run with my friend and fellow Mum, Jane Schofield.
Little Grey Cells Design is an inspirational Children’s Interiors brand which is simple, stylish and sustainable. Our mission was to create a brand that would appeal to both children and their design-savvy parents. ‘For the Child in You’.

2. What is the inspiration behind your products?
Ultimately we drew our inspiration from our own colourful childhoods. We selected a colour palette and classic childhood weather motifs which are evocative of the era we grew up in. Jane and I both love classic, timeless design so there is a definite Scandinavian influence incorporated within the retro style. We have chosen very simple, clean shapes and functionality is key to all the pieces.

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3. Can you explain how your products are different from others on the market?
I think our collection stands apart from others on the market as it’s designed to appeal to both parents and children and it’s made to last. We believe that children's furniture shouldn’t be outgrown by the user. We are committed to designing furniture with crossover appeal which will last a lifetime. For example, our rainbow seat is an ideal play and learning space for the early years but works just as well in an adult environment, when the children are grown up. Our products are designed for contemporary living for the whole family. We have included a lightning bolt shelf which holds tablets and phones as well as books. We have also challenged product installation by engineering a shelf hanging solution which works across all the shelves, making them fully interchangeable and easy to install.

4. What materials do you use and why?
Born in an era where things were made to last, we weren’t prepared to compromise on quality or craftsmanship, which meant we were exacting on our choice of raw materials. With an increasing awareness of sustainability and deforestation we made responsible choices too and opted for European Birch Plywood. This engineered timber is beautiful and we celebrate it’s natural beauty by exposing and lacquering the edges. FORMICA was an important addition to the collection as it brings a clean, bright, retro aesthetic which appeals to our inner child.

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5. You’ve recently won an award, can you tell us about it?
We were over the moon to have been awarded Gold for the Best Interiors Brand by Smallish Magazine. It was totally unexpected and we were humbled to have been sandwiched in between the leaders of the Children’s Interiors market, Little Bird by Jools and Mamas and Papas. We are delighted to have been recognised so early in to launching and we loved celebrating our win with so many other amazing Mum bosses at the awards in Kew Gardens.

6. What are the key elements to consider when buying furniture for children?
Firstly, do my children love it? Secondly, do I love it? and if the answer is yes to both of them, then, will it last? because I’ll want to keep it!

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7. What do you think makes a perfect play space or bedroom for children?
I think an area that can grow with the child, that organically develops with them. I believe that if you keep the furniture simple it’s so versatile. I think colourful accessories are a great way of appealing to young children, but you can strip these back as the children grow up, the key is in the simplicity of the furniture design. Play spaces have to be multi-functional, an area to read, learn, explore, create, so it’s essential you find the right balance, stimulate not over-stimulate.

8. Do you have a favourite item in your home (aside from your products!) that has been perfectly designed for family life?The Tripp Trapp by Stokke. We’ve had it for eleven years and we won’t be getting rid of it. A while ago we even packaged all the baby accessories up to give to a friend, but the chair never followed as it still gets used by all of us, parents and kids alike.

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Thanks for sharing your story and for your advice on creating spaces that grow with the child. We love your products as they practical, beautifully made and evoke a warm feeling of nostalgia. Keep up the great work, Lauren and Jane!

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