National Bird day - the story behind my British Birds design

As it's National Bird Day today, I thought it was the perfect time to share the inspiration behind my British Birds design. As you might have realised by now, I love using silhouette shapes within my designs as everyone can identify with the forms found in nature. I believe Mother Nature is the ultimate designer maker as these shapes have evolved over time into the perfect fit for their needs whilst looking beautiful too.


I wanted to create a design that celebrated the common garden birds that we see in everyday life. Like many, I love watching birds from the comfort of our homes,  busy with their daily lives with their recognisable colourings and cheerful birdsong. After compiling a list of the most common small garden birds, the first bird I drew was the wren as it has particular significance in our family. My grandmother was a Wren in the Second World War (the Women's Royal Naval Service) and worked at Bletchley Park as a Bombe Machine operator. The wren bird is part of the logo of the WRNS and so, as a tribute to her, I wanted to include it in the design. I've also included a Blue Tit, Robin and Blackbird, all seen in my own back garden keeping me entertained as I do the washing up!

Helen Baker