The #reclaimyourcorner effect

Four weeks also, before #reclaimyourcorner had even been conceived, I found myself wanting to renovate several rooms in our house that had been neglected since moving in two years ago.

September felt like a fresh start, a sort of mid-point new year, and with my own children back at school I decided to make a few changes around the home. Not having the time, budget  or energy to tackle a whole room I realised I had to think on a smaller scale. I stood in the most neglected room and set about sorting and restyling some shelves, moving the sofa to a different wall and, voila! I had created a lovely space that was just how I wanted it without having to spend any money and just using a fraction of my time. I had reclaimed a corner of an otherwise unused space.

 My first reclaimed corner

My first reclaimed corner

Wondering if any other people might be in a similar position I put #reclaimyourcorner out there on social media with an explanation as to what it was all about. A month later I can't quite believe that there have been over 350 posts! Like-minded people have been claiming back spaces everywhere, from offices, hallways, playrooms, converted garages, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms to even sheds! It really has been truly inspiring to see so many different entries and I've loved reading about each and everyone of them. Thank you to everyone that got involved and I hope you're still enjoying them!

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Above: a selection of spaces people have been claiming back.


 Before and after shots of my second reclaimed corner after being inspired by so many others!

Helen Baker