New collection Garden Life - Press release


 Coinciding with National Wallpaper Week (2nd - 8th October 2017) Helen Baker is launching her first wallpaper collection 'Garden Life' alongside fabrics in the same designs. 

Using silhouette shapes found in her garden and nearby local green spaces, Helen works them into simple and bold designs perfect for modern stylish interiors.    

birds&sunflowers l-res.jpg

Garden Life was created to reflect the shapes and forms that surround our everyday lives and to bring some of the outside in. "These aren't the showstoppers of the gardening world but rather the more humble aspects of garden life that merit championing too. Less 'stopping to smell the roses' and more 'stopping to appreciate everything’.

 Living with her husband and two sons means that Helen understands the need for designs that work for the whole family. With each of her designs inspired by nature;, from seedlings growing on a kitchen windowsill to buttercups in a nearby field, they are accessible and recognisable to any age or gender and suitable for any room.

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It was her boys and her surroundings that sparked this collection. "I love the way children really notice and engage with nature everyday. It seems to be a skill we often lose as adults." It's this emphasis on simplicity and the appreciating the natural world that Helen believes is a way to create happy homes, one of the missions for her designs. 

honeycomb with yellow.jpg

The five designs are Buttercups, Primroses, Birds, Seedlings and Honeycomb and the colour palette plays on contrasts creating an effective scheme using soft greys and greens and bold blues and yellows, all found in the natural world. They are available as fabric by the metre and wallpaper (samples available too) and lampshades and cushions can be made to oder in any of these designs.

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Helen Baker