A pattern from my childhood.

The pattern I most vividly remember from my youth was the Laura Ashley design ‘Cottage Sprig’ in poppy. My younger sister and I had it as wallpaper, curtains and bedding in our shared bedroom (this was the eighties, after all, where the trend was to have everything co-ordinating). It was the pattern I would see before going to sleep and on waking everyday in my early childhood years. I can recall tracing the flowers with my finger, noting whether the leaves went up or down in the design. I didn’t realise it at the time but it’s made a lasting impression on me and like to think from a young age I was drawn to pattern and design. 


I recently asked my mum about this pattern and why she chose it for our shared bedroom. “It was an appropriate design for you and your sister as young girls, being fresh and lively. The colours are strong but not overpowering and it takes the sprig theme and reworks it very simply. I still like it and would choose it again as it seems timeless."

I too love the design’s simplicity, use of strong colours, the subtle sense of movement and it’s timeless nature. These are the elements I strive to bring to my own designs but I particularly love the way pattern can influence people, including six year old me. 

If you’d like to read about the history of the iconic print (believed to originate from an old children’s book “Cox and Box’) have a read of this article from the Laura Ashley archives http://www.lauraashley.com/blog/at-home/cottage-sprig-laura-ashley-history/