about me

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I’ve always loved design. Over the years I've filled countless sketch books with notes and ideas and one of my earliest memories as a little girl is tracing the simple flower motifs of my childhood bedroom wallpaper. Fast forward a few decades and I’m still as fascinated with design today, continuously observing the world around me and, of course, still filling up sketch books. 

My background mixes an interest in people - a degree in Social Anthropology, UX (user experience) and I was a teacher in a previous career- and a passion for design with over six years experience in graphic design.

The combination of these disciplines results in a human-centred approach to research in order to gain a greater understanding of an audience. These insights feed into the design and decision making process in order to communicate the right message to the right people. 

I love getting to know and working with people who are interested in  making a difference through thoughtful design.