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I'm Helen, passionate about design, interiors, family and the home and on a mission to create stylish happy homes to suit modern family life.
I design and sell fabrics and home furnishings featuring simple, nature inspired shapes in gender neutral colours.

 Photo by James Darling photography

Photo by James Darling photography

With increasing numbers of modern families  living in open plan shared spaces, there's a growing demand for soft furnishings to suit everyone's needs. So I have created a range of simple, recognisable, nature inspired designs perfect for stylish contemporary living. 

Drawn to the Scandinavian design principle of timeless simplicity providing both physical comfort and emotional calm, I strive to achieve the same feelings with my fabric designs. I use a coastal colour palette inspired by my Cornish heritage with a mix of bold and soft colours to compliment existing neutral colour schemes. 

creating the fabric of modern family life